Atlas Hunters’ Mechwarrior Art Site

We have an active Enjin gaming site. Atlas Hunters are recruiting! Click here for details!

We have modified this site to make room for art, art and more art. The top menu and categories have been completely re-arranged to feature poster art, insignia art and ‘Mech skin art from Ironhawk (over Piranha Games’ concept art.) Some original ‘Mech designs appear here and there as well. Enjoy!


35 responses to “Atlas Hunters’ Mechwarrior Art Site

  1. Hello all..good to hear you guys are still around..I’m playing battlefield heroes.a free to play game..major luvnut.look me up if u play.

  2. Firebird here.

    This’ll be the first ‘blog’ post I’ve ever made and I’ve not much to say…

    I was happy to see the old clan(s) reforming. Looking forward to seeing old faces in game.

  3. I have an issue, apparently… I’d already registered on MWO as “Bozobub”, before I heard of the return of AH =s … And now I have my email associated with that name on the forums. Ack. Any suggestions?

  4. Morning,

    I am private D.O.M call sign Dirty Old Man. I pilot the founders Atlas since Beta started. Would want to register for this regiment. My electronic mail is

    Hope to hear from your Staff Sergent soon for my trial outs

    Thank you.

  5. Well, MWO accidentally ( o.O’ ) sent me an open beta invite, so I’m in.

    I’ll need a new decal, unfortunately, as I can’t currently change my MWO name. That’s supposed to be “on the horizon”, according to their response to me, but currently, it is what it is… I’ll keep the one I already have, however, so I can change to “crow” if/when it’s allowed.

    I expect to actually dip my toes in and start playing the game this coming weekend; can’t afford a Founders’ pack yet, but I hope to be able to do so eventually.

    Bozobub (AKA Crow)

  6. I have started up an independent blog to review MWO content etc, feel free to drop by! Good to see you guys moving into MWO! Looking forward to more from your site.

  7. I am so pumped to see AH back on its feet and running in this MWO… im open for any drops and if need be I can tail again my call sign in game is AH Osprey Alpha Lance.. I didn’t knw if anyone was still around so i just put in alpha lance .. hope i am welcomed back home! its been ruff in the bad lands hunting on my own!

  8. 87.98,250.128:9988 ts3 no password you can just go down to the MWO room I belive.. if not ping me in room and ill drag you down.. im knowen there CMO Gunny
    ps no foul mouthing there . no cussing at all . sever rules thanks men!

  9. pope pain and myself will be droping tonight if you all would like to join us on ts3 tonight .. he is also getting his sons cpu up and going to play tonight looking forward to see you all!

    • So, I tried again and this time was successful in getting the config pretty much there on my Saitek X52. You can setup desired parameters in the ‘Options’ under ‘Menu’ at the bottom left of the mechlab screen. I recommend you leave the pitch, turn and torso twist the way they are setup by default but you can still reverse pitch and turn parameters on the left side of the screen instead until you get the desired results. It took 3 games to get it right.

      Only thing is responsiveness is way too slow so I am going to have to do a bit more research on which parameter to tweak… If this gets fixed to acceptable levels, then I’ll be a happy camper. Maybe it’s an old school thing, but even if I got more comfortable with the mouse and keyboard after 20-30 games, it just doesn’t generate the same amount of testosterone build-up as the throttle and joystick combo.

      What I find peculiar is that in many gaming forums, there is much praise on mouse responsiveness and how fundamentally superior it is, but to me it’s just failure of game developers of replicating the level of control and responsiveness pilots and drivers get in the real world military joystick and throttle controls. Tanks and jets just aren’t piloted with mouse controls. ‘Nuff said.

      Hawk out.

    • Crow, we are rebooting the AH officially so as a MW4 AH veteran you are more than welcome to join us on our brawling parties! We are making you a member de facto. By the way, the game has significantly improved since your last posts. Hope you can connect with us once more!

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