Monstrous oddity on the battlefield

ISN reports that a BattleMech may have been seen on the front this afternoon, bearing the mark of the Atlas Hunters. Unverified sources indicated the ‘Mech was actually an Atlas, which seems most improbable. Roaming Merc and Flea riding pilot Gordie Powell observed the intruder closely enough to note the inscriptions ‘AH Remembers Eagle’ on its belt line and the word ‘Cannibal’ on its shoulder.

The Merc unit’s Comm Agent and Interim Commander Hawk (also known as Ironhawk) denied these reports. “Highly improbable for the Atlas Hunters to even consider this remote possibility. Any AH riding an Atlas would be put to shame. It’d be some sort of sick punishment,” says Hawk. When asked to open us the doors of the AH Mech Bay, the Hunters on site refused.


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