New Centurion design is out!

Piranha has released its latest ‘Mech design today: the Centurion. Here’s a quick rendering based on the Tikonov 1st Republican design. Enjoy!

Tikonov 1st Republican


2 responses to “New Centurion design is out!

  1. HAIL BROTHER ATLAS HUNTERS! Is it true? Mechwarrior will be back? I can’t wait to reunite with the Atlas Hunters on the battlefield – Hawk, Raven , Poe ….anybody seen Poe?

  2. Bubba!!! Nice to hear back from you again after all these years! No, we haven’t heard from Poe yet (nor do we have his address.) We have reached a few good mailboxes but several AH did not yet ping back. That’s why I am trying so hard for the AH to be visible on the MW:O threads, man. So that we can view this site and reunite! There is still a few months before game launch though so no worries.

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