Positive feedback by Piranha Games on new UrbanMech design

Piranha Games’ Community Manager Garth Erlam provided appreciation today for the new UrbanMech design proposed on this blog. The concept art and the setting of  poster art ‘Any Given Gamesday’ was submitted in response to a challenge by Garth on the MW:O ‘Repainted Concept Art’ forum (under the Fan Art forum category).

The challenge consisted of re-designing the Urban Mech using PGI’s designer Flyingdebris style, depicted within the context of this CCG card setting (featuring a critical hit). Only this time, an Atlas was to be the victim. A challenge that could not be refused as it involved an Atlas being bashed in such a prominent way… Garth proceeded with the following comments on the submitted art: “That is the most awesome UrbanMech redesign. (…) I just wanted to ’80’s movie style’ jump up with my fist in the air shouting ‘Yeah!’ when I saw the Any Given Gameday.”

Thanks to Garth for this enthusiastic response. More art coming!


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