MechWarrior insignia update

Some insignia work for the community:

From the Capellan Confederation, here’s an updated rendition of Warrior House Imarra’s insignia:

Warrior House Imarra - updated rendition by IronHawk

Warrior House Imarra

Though it will fall in battle against House White Tiger on Sian in 3074, Warrior House Rakshasa is active within the Capellan Confederation in the era of the MechWarrior Online game setting. They have one of the coolest insignia but the only one found was small and in black and white so here’s an update. The triangle rim color is conjectural.

Warrior House Rakshasa - updated rendition by Ironhawk

Warrior House Rakshasa

Lyran Commonwealth’s Tikhonov 1st Republicans have a very low resolution version available online, and the insignia describes a torch standing in front of a crown so it has been revamped in higher resolution here.

Tikhonov 1st Republican - updated by Ironhawk

1st Republican


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