New Commandos: Special of 4 tonight!

Production’s been not too bad for the week-end. The Atlas Hunter site offers 4 new Commando ‘Mech repaints, including one of our own:

First off, here’s a re-take of the 15th Arcturan. Last one was done in a hurry and felt substandard so a veteran pic within the same Company is added (with more fluff and good stuff).

Commando 'Mech 15th Arcturan by Ironhawk

Commando ‘Mech 15th Arcturan

Second, the Nueva Castile feels ill-represented on the MechWarrior Online site, so here’s a re-take of Fanjoy’s miniature art from 2004, with a few elements added.

Commando 'Mech from New Castile by Ironhawk

Commando ‘Mech from New Castile by Ironhawk

Third, the Atlas Hunters have competition. The Lexington Combat Group has deployed its 32nd Recon unit.

Comando 'Mech Lexington Combat Group by Ironhawk

Comando ‘Mech Lexington Combat Group

Last but not least, as a response to a special request by friend Thunderbird, just out of the MechLab, here’s the Harasser, in Atlas Hunters’ urban camouflage scheme.

Commando 'Mech for Atlas Hunters by Ironhawk

Commando ‘Mech for Atlas Hunters


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