The Cannibal Walks Among Us!

It took two salvaged specimens to build this variant. Falcon and Warhawk worked on it for weeks with our maintenance crew. Both Sargeants made quite a case in the AH executive room to have this baby walking among our ranks. Given their enthusiasm, despite our tradition, we Officers had to agree: this assault chassis would make a fearsome, efficient addition to our unit. Besides, with the arrival of those Clanners near our sector, we have no choice but to consolidate our brute firepower.

Only problem: there’s only one for now. Both Sargeants agreed they would take turns on it. They’d even lend it to Bateleur for some Lance practice from time to time… Heck I decided to help them on the repaint job! I just love these guys!

We decided to name this battleline monster: the Cannibal!

Atlas Hunters' Cannibal Atlas

Atlas Hunters’ Cannibal Atlas


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