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When Piranha Games Inc. announced the return of the BattleTech inspired MechWarrior game franchise, regrouping the Atlas Hunters team back from the days of MechWarrior 4 (it had been a whole decade) seemed like a good idea. A few of us made it happen, motivated and inspired by our defunct leader, Chris “Eagle” Waddell, who did not survive a motorcycle accident in 2006. Chris was a great guy, online friend, dear to our hearts.

We started with this site in order to post some propaganda art, be noticed and build a potential player-base for the team, that is before migrating our activities to our Enjn site once the group was active. Oddly enough though, during the wait for the game to come out, I got inspired by the great art from artist Alex Iglesias (a.k.a. flyingdebris) who was hired to design the great ‘Mechs we see in the MechWarrior Online game… Soon after Alex’s concept art release on the official game site, a guy named Mark Hayden developed a rather quick and bright method to use Alex’s concept art and re-skin it with all varieties of faction colors. Figured it would be great to showcase Atlas Hunters ‘Mechs in their formal team colors… Besides, the whole thing would help me improve my digital art skills (for I am only an amateur with little time to spare in RL you see!)

First thing I knew though, I ended up producing over 200 fairly detailed ‘Mech repaint jobs, representing many factions from the BattleTech universe. You can see some of the art (and artists) that inspired me on the camospecs site. Heck I even redesigned some of the unit insignia for some of them! In the beginning, I only thought we’d do some basic posters and a couple of repaints. Motivated in good part by your thumbs up and feedback. Thanks!



10 responses to “About This Site

  1. Hi there,

    I work at Infinite Game Publishing as part of the communications team and came across your website and facebook page. We always like to see fans who put their passions into creating great websites like these and love what you have put together!

    While I can’t handle any game specific questions (the guys at Piranha are handling that) feel free to contact me with anything other inquiries.


    Alenka Kyslik
    Production Assistant
    Infinite Game Publishing

    • Thanks Alenka. Your feedback is very much appreciated. After years of waiting for a PC Game MechWarrior reboot, it feels good to be inspired again.
      We will try as much as our agendas allow to be active on the web and want to continue to provide new content (both through news postings and fan art). Your comments are most certainly welcome and provide encouragement to pursue our activities.
      Keep up your good work as well at IGP… we are eager to play here! 😉

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  3. Interesting. I have been looking for a Merc group to lend my light scouting skills (Figuratively speaking, I’m a Light Pilot, you know what I’m trying to say.) to, and I do tend to hate on the 100 ton over designed piece of tin.. So if nothing else considerer this a “keep up the good work” comment, if you guys are looking for light pilots, shoot me an email i suppose.

    • Dras Black, thanks for your interest in the AH. Since the game, or its Beta for that matter, isn’t out yet, it may be a little while before we actually nail down our recruiting strategy. Nonetheless, from the get go, count yourself as a candidate. We’ll contact you via mail to discuss details.
      >Hawk out.

  4. Greetings.

    My callsign is Dirty Old Man, since the beta started I specialized in the Founders Atlas. I love hunting other Heavies. I to. E given a chance to work with your esteem Corp. Please contact me at nimamok@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much.

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