1st Argyle Lancers Cyclops

1st Argyle Lancers Cyclops

1st Argyle Lancers Cyclops


The Cannibal Walks Among Us!

It took two salvaged specimens to build this variant. Falcon and Warhawk worked on it for weeks with our maintenance crew. Both Sargeants made quite a case in the AH executive room to have this baby walking among our ranks. Given their enthusiasm, despite our tradition, we Officers had to agree: this assault chassis would make a fearsome, efficient addition to our unit. Besides, with the arrival of those Clanners near our sector, we have no choice but to consolidate our brute firepower.

Only problem: there’s only one for now. Both Sargeants agreed they would take turns on it. They’d even lend it to Bateleur for some Lance practice from time to time… Heck I decided to help them on the repaint job! I just love these guys!

We decided to name this battleline monster: the Cannibal!

Atlas Hunters' Cannibal Atlas

Atlas Hunters’ Cannibal Atlas