Yet More Canopian Love!

2nd Canopian Fusiliers

2nd Canopian Fusiliers


Yen Lo Wang in the Coliseum!

Given the importance, and reputation, of this hero from BattleTech lore, the legendary centurion ‘Mech was set in its proper setting: the Coliseum! The background ensemble was created via collage art, with added special effects such as fireworks, protective screens and projector flares. Also note special detail attention to the iconic Centurion model’s modifications, such as an AC20, left torso casing for AC shell ammo and custom titanium claws. Enjoy!

Yen Lo Wang art rendering by Ironhawk

Yen Lo Wang and Coliseum art rendering by Hawk

Meet Paw & Maw!

More Lyran Centurions! This time, we offer a rendering of 1st Royal Guards RCT: The Pride of Donegal. The blue is more Steiner blue than royal but it does bring out the highlights of the gold paint, so dear to them. No abuse on gold though; just more abundant accent on weapons and on the side for standard ‘Mechs, such as Paw below. Higher ranking officer, such as Maw, bears more gold and more custom designs. Enjoy!

1st Royal Guards RCT

1st Royal Guards RCT Wingman

1st Royal Guards RCT Officer

1st Royal Guards RCT Officer