Urban Mech Ortho View (Hi Res)

UrbanMech Ortho - HD Wallpaper Size

UrbanMech Ortho – HD Wallpaper Size


New ‘Delivered. Cold.’ poster now in wallpaper format

The poster art sent to MWO forum based on the Frozen City concept by Piranha Games is now available on a downloadable HD desktop wallpaper format. It is a slight variant of yesterday’s low resolution poster art, with higher resolution touch ups along with redistribution of the AH logo and title.

The full image can be downloaded here.

On this image, one can appreciate the skill of the AH pilot, as well as the thick skull of that melon head…

MechWarrior Atlas Hunters Poster Art by Ironhawk

Atlas Hunters art based on Frozen City Concept by Piranha Games

New AH poster: ‘Delivered. Cold.’

Back in the days of MW4, the Atlas Hunters were known to be mean fighters. As a Merc unit, we intend to honor our contracts and deliver the identified targets. This poster illustrates just that. In the cold months of winter, there’s nothing like a fire and ice representation of our good old AH to warm our hearts in wait of the new game…

At first a Vulture was to strike at that melon head, but Garth Erlam, from Piranha Games, challenged the community to have a wicked UrbanMech in one of the new concept settings on the official site. So… he got a trashcan an Urbie!